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From one of Asia's most prestigious performing arts magazines to Europe's youngest groundbreaking visual & performing arts periodical.

Auditorium combines both the visual and performing arts into a highly stylised publication. From opera to dance, theatre to art, the ridiculous to the sublime, we offer a world-view of the arts and other media, which caters to both the connoisseur and the artistically fascinated. With in-dept coverage of shows, Auditorium aims to deliver insightful stories, interviews and reviews that delve deeper into the world of art, artists and creativity.



Editor-in-Chief | Creative Director

Desmond Chewyn


Deputy Editor

Pericles Snowdon


Suzy Wrong


Theatre Critics

Eric Caldwell | Rowan Munro

Phil Roe | Michael Veale


Music Critic

Shirley Apthorp


Dance Critic

Sara Veale


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